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3 May 2016
8:14 am

Euphonik, Bonang, Pearl and AKA’s never-ending beef

Citizen reporter

"I don't have any issues or any beef with AKA, he does not have anything or anyone I want," tweeted Euphonik.

Bonang Matheba.

When it rains for Bonang Matheba and AKA, it pours. Ever since DJ Zinhle confirmed the two’s affair, they have received backlash from DJ Zinhle’s fans and Pearl Thusi, who is the DJ’s friend. Late last year there were reports Pearl Thusi got suspended from Metro FM for throwing shade at Bonang on air. This year, she tried to stop herself from throwing that very same shade but we guess she could not hold back.

AKA got excited and posted a picture of his brand new BMW. Pearl didn’t hold back, she went on Twitter to ask if cars were “part of a pissing contest”, to which AKA responded with “Shut up wena, we dealt with you eons ago”. That is when an exchange started, with AKA pulling old pictures of Pearl Thusi’s “Bruce Lee” hairstyle and Pearl telling AKA to “grow up”. She has since deleted her tweets.

Just when we thought it was over, one Twitter user pulled out a 2014 tweet in which Bonang wished DJ Zinhle a happy birthday and referred to her as her “wife”, with DJ Zinhle responding, telling Bonang they would remarry in 2015. Well, things didn’t quite turn out exactly as planned as the DJ outed Bonang as the woman who was having an affair with her then man AKA.

bonang bonang

Then, DJ Euphonik, who like Pearl, is not a fan of Bonang, for different reasons, went on Twitter to lash out at the “Queen”. Euphonik dated Bonang for a while and the relationship ended on very bad terms. There were allegations that Euphonik physically assaulted Bonang, Euphonik still denies the allegations to this day.

On Sunday however, Euphonik did what he normally does not do on Twitter; tweeting about his personal life. In a series of tweets, he really went out at Bonang, only referring to her as Slikour’s ex and the Queen, because we all know Bonang will sue you if you dare mention her name, ask DJ Zinhle.

He tweeted: