Peter Feldman
1 minute read
27 Nov 2015
2:42 pm

Before We Go movie review

Peter Feldman

Boring script without real substance.

Handsome action hero Chris Evans, of the Marvel Universe franchise, has moved on. He makes his directorial debut with this tepid offering, starring in it and also serving as a producer.

The simple story deals with two pleasant strangers who meet one night at Grand Central Station in New York and talk the night away. Attractive Australian actress Alice Eve plays Brooke, a young woman from Boston who misses her train, unwittingly breaks her cellphone and then connects with Nick (Evans), a musician, who tries to help her.

She is understandably flustered because her Prada bag containing her credit cards, money and ID was stolen at a bar and Nick, like a knight in shining jeans, comes to her rescue. What transpires during the course of the evening is a wordy, contrived and ultimately tedious exercise that drags along without much excitement or interest.

The two characters reveal something about themselves as the hours unfold and they don’t get too intimate. Evans may be at pains to reveal another, more serious side to his make-up, but he should have chosen a better vehicle for his talent. The script is fundamentally boring and there is nothing really substantial to lift the film out of the mundane.

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