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8 Jun 2015
11:23 am

Our not so Perfect Wedding (video)

Citizen Reporter

We all have a preview of our wedding day in our mind, everything has been planned out, we know the song we'll dance to, who will possibly make it to our guest list, the deco and the venue.

Newly wed Mr and Mrs Maluleke doing the wedding dance. Picture: Twitter

We take a look at Sunday’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding. For those who don’t know the show, this is a show that captures people’s weddings, from the planning of the wedding to the wedding night. What was interesting about this wedding is the lobola negotiations that were done the day before the wedding, the kiss which you’ll see in the video, the way the cake was cut and the fact that no vows were exchanged.

The bride also went all out with jewellery; she wore earrings, a watch, a bracelet and of course a ring. You know the part where the bride throws a bouquet and the ladies go crazy trying to catch it? Last night the lady who caught it had to return it to the bride.

Watch video and see what Twitter had to say