Citizen reporter
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17 Apr 2015
5:54 pm

South Africans weigh in on Rich Kids

Citizen reporter

Last night was the first episode of Rich Kids.

A screengrab of Nape talking about his dad's time piece collection.

The new reality TV show promises to give South Africans a glimpse into the life of a rich kid. It’s an invitation to the gated communities they live in and an all access ride into the wealthy childrens lives. The first Rich Kid we saw is Nape, who took us on a date with his girlfriend, Kim. We also got to meet his beautiful mother, who looked like she could be his sister, and his proud Papa. Speaking of his Papa, Nape mentioned that he’s an avid time piece collector (note – they don’t call them watches, darling).

We then got to watch the family go shopping for a ‘time piece’ for Nape which cost a casual R60 000.

Of course, South Africans took to twitter to express their thoughts on the show.

Some were inspired:

Others not so impressed:

And others just wanted to watch: