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9 Mar 2015
12:30 pm

This week on Ashes to Ashes

Citizen Reporter

Here’s what to expect this week on eTV's Ashes to Ashes

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 Monday, 09 March 2015
Selo and Mandlakazi struggle with an issue from her past the she never thought she would have to deal with again. A dangerous man arrives and connects with Selo. Reba meets her new family and seeks to find answers about her mother’s past. Mickey corners Selo about a serious issue that may cost him.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tsietsi and Monwabisi discuss the dilemma concerning their father. Tsietsi tells Monwabisi to watch his back. Reba makes an effort to get to know her aunt, but Mandlakazi brushes Reba off. Selo’s situation is getting out of control. Violet is overly interested in Tsietsi’s new cousin – should she be threatened by this new female in the house?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Selo is furious with Mickey for telling on him to Tsietsi. Violet will stop at nothing to impress Tsietsi even at the cost of her dignity. Selo gives Reba a tour of the Namane Funeral Parlour. Mandlakazi is fearful of washing Nozizwe’s body, as is custom. Stitch is smitten with Reba.

12 March 2015

Mandlakazi has a recurring nightmare from her past that she cannot shake off. Godfrey pays Selo an unexpected visit. Tsietsi decides to take the biggest risk of his life thus far. Nozizwe’s funeral gets underway. At the funeral, Mandlakazi sees a face from her past that nearly scares her to death.