Lerato Maimela
2 minute read
10 Jun 2021
11:02 am

‘Sakina, we’re live’: SABC parodies Jessica’s Namibia news broadcast

Lerato Maimela

The SABC News team brought some smiles this morning with a skit on Jessica's viral video from a live broadcast in Namibia.

Vaylen and Sakina on SABC's Morning Live. Picture: Twitter

The Morning Live SABC news team has created a reenactment of Jessica’s viral video from a Namibian Broadcasting Corporation News Live broadcast in Namibia.

In it the anchor named Elmarie introduces a sports segment on a boxing match. When she asks colleague, Jessica, more about it, Jessica was not having it, saying that Elmarie had to greet her and hand the rest of the live broadcast over to her.

On the Morning Live SABC news live broadcast, sports anchor Vaylen concludes her sport segment of the morning news and hands the rest of the live broadcast to Sakina by bringing up Covid-19 statistics in South Africa. Sakina claps back at Vaylen, saying: “No Vaylen, we’re not going to do that. Just say my name and take it away.”

Vaylen responds with “Sakina, we’re live”, and Sakina just stares into the camera, creating the same awkward moment that happened on the NBC News Live broadcast.

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Jessica took to Twitter to apologise to the nation of Namibia for her behaviour, saying she was not aware they were live then.

Some Twitter reactions to The Morning Live SABC News skit: