Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
1 Jun 2021
12:16 pm

Green-eyed Zozi Tunzi doll confuses, amuses and annoys fans

Kaunda Selisho

Zozi Tunzi doll by a Sri-Lankan celebrity doll artist causes some controversy with its green eyes.

The Zozi Tunzi doll created by Sri-Lankan celebrity doll artist Nigy Dolls. Picture: Instagram (@nigydolls)

A Zozi Tunzi doll created to immortalise the moment the former Miss Universe took her final majestic walk across the Miss Universe stage has resulted in some controversy.

Sri-Lankan celebrity doll artist Nigeshan, popularly known as Nigy Dolls, added a Zozibini doll to its Miss Universe series of dolls.

While some were happy to see Zozi in doll form, many were upset about the doll for a variety of reasons.

On Facebook, the biggest complaint was that the doll looked nothing like Zozi.

“This doesn’t look like Zozi and the doll has green eyes, what’s that about?” Lethiwe Hlatshwayo said.

“That doll doesn’t do her any justice,” added Simbz Ntobela.

“Beautiful it looks like Rihanna,” Njabulo Prince said.

Tweeps react to the Zozi Tunzi doll

Over on Twitter, the conspiracy theories went into overdrive with many mistaking the artist’s name for the doll’s name. They went on to make a connection between the artist,s name – Nigy Dolls – and a historic racial slur.

The original author of the post quickly shut down the assumptions.

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Twitter user @enterpisetv_sa questioned whether Zozi would be profiting from the use of her likeness.

The comments were not all bad, however. Some defended the fact that dolls do not always look exactly like the people they are meant to represent.