Kaunda Selisho
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17 Aug 2020
11:53 am

Top 3 annoying songs on TikTok right now

Kaunda Selisho

A look at all the songs you can't stand but just can't seem to get out of your head.

The dancing llama in the original Mi Pan Zuzuzu Tik Tik video | Image: Screenshot

Getting your song featured as the soundtrack to the latest viral challenge is a sure-fire way to have it top of mind for consumers of all ages at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing avenues.

However, this phenomenon lends itself to giving certain songs so much “airplay” that they become annoying.

Apart from the repetitiveness of certain songs such as Megan The Stallion’s Savage and Doja Cat’s Say So, the composition of some songs will have you wanting to pull your own hair out.

Take a look at some of the most annoying tracks on TikTok right now:

1. Mi Pan Zu Zu (aka Mi Pan Su Su Su)

Originally created as a jingle for a Russian cereal advert, the lyrics to this weird and eerie song are also catchy as hell.

The meaning of the lyrics remains quite the mystery, however.

The song seems to have gained popularity when used over a video of a dancing llama that has amassed millions of views and likes and has since taken off as people around the world try to figure out what the heck is up with this odd song.

@johnny.lochnerHow South Africans listen to this song ????????????##southafrica ##tiktoksouthafrica ##fyp ##foryou♬ Mi Pan Su Sus – itzmilpops

2. Not the Bayang

This catchy tune is in reference to bangs – a slang term used to refer to a styled fringe in someone’s hair.

The audio from the following reaction video and was cut and looped and laid over a beat to make a song now commonly referred to as Not the Bayang.

The song has become so ubiquitous, the title of the song is now its own stand-alone phrase.

3. Laxed (Siren beat) – Jawsh 685

This song – which quite honestly sounds like a rework of the chicken dance tune became so popular that avid TikTok user and musician Jason Derulo went and turned it into an actual song that gets so much airplay on mainstream radio stations.

The song is just two months old and has over 56 million views on YouTube.

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