Citizen reporter
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16 Dec 2019
9:36 am

‘Uzalo’ this week: Khathaza’s night projects continue

Citizen reporter

Watch 'Uzalo' as the drama unfolds this week.

Uzalo. Picture: Facebook / OfficialUzaloSABC1

Monday December 16

Nkunzi suspects who the serial killer is. Gabisile and Khehla make a deal and Sbu saves a damsel in distress.

Tuesday December 17

Sbu’s gambling addiction is getting out of hand and it’s slowly starting to affect his love life. Mazaza plants doubt in Fikile about a future with Sbu, while Gabisile feels like a third wheel in her marriage with Khehla in the picture.

Wednesday December 18

Khathaza’s night projects continue but he may have a stalker himself. Gabisile cannot help but caution Qhabanga about his liberal ways with his son.

Thursday December 19

Khathaza receives an unwelcome visitor at his place of business. The new girl in Khehla’s life has Gabisile’s eyes bulging out their sockets from shock.

Friday December 20

Nkunzi relays his suspicions about Khathaza to the police. Gabisile convinces Nonka that it’s morally wrong to date Khehla. Sbu consults a shrink for his gambling problem.
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