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11 Jul 2018
1:57 pm

John Robbie to star in Christmas panto

Citizen Reporter

Robbie will take on he role of Major Dumb-Ou in Snow White. No, we are not making this up.

In news that we never thought we’d be writing, former talk show host and radio personality John Robbie is set to star in a Christmas pantomime this year.

Robbie will take on he role of Major Dumb-Ou of the Royal Palace of Cool Cornucopia in Janice Honeyman’s 2018 pantomime Snow White. It’s set to take place on the The Mandela Stage at the Johannesburg Theatre from November 3rd – December 23rd.

At first glance, Robbie doesn’t really strike one as perhaps the most natural choice to appear in a Christmas panto, but writer/director Honeymoon says he’s perfect in the role of Major Dumb-Ou.

“I’ve listened to John Robbie for years and loved his passion, his honesty and his confrontation on controversial issues,” Honeyman said.

(Okay, Janice, still not seeing the connection between John and the stage).

“I’ve since discovered that there is also a great fun guy in there, who is keen to enthusiastically take on the humour and topicality of our crazy panto pranks.  Inside his rugger-bugger exterior, there lies a canny wit and a mischievous but mellow interior,” she added.

(Ah! There it is!)

“He’s a lekker, normal guy, not pretentious or pompous….I can’t wait to share our mutual sense of the silly,” Honeyman said.

We can’t wait to see it, either.

“For many years my mum put on the Christmas panto in my home town of Greystones in Ireland,” says Robbie. 

“As kids we had parts and I have never forgotten the fun of it all. Now, after thirty years on radio, I have the chance to re-live it all again on the professional stage. I was thrilled when approached by Bernard Jay and Janice Honeyman and, although terrified, accepted readily. I cannot wait.  However,” he continues, “I warn you that I don’t normally sing and when I do, I don’t sing normally!  Roll on the Festive Season!”

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