Lily Rose
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6 Jul 2018
3:31 pm

Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo serve author with gag order

Lily Rose

Jackie Phamotse revealed that the couple served her with a protection order this week.

Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo are moving full steam ahead with legal action against author Jackie Phamotse.

The couple opened a crimen injuria case against Jackie after she shared a tweet about a local media mogul whose husband was involved in a gay sex tape.

While Jackie did not mention who the famous couple was, many of her followers believed she was talking about Bassie and Romeo.

The couple denied the allegations and accused Jackie of defamation.

Jackie came face-to-face with Basetsana and Romeo in court this week for the first time since the drama started

Speaking to theSowetan after Tuesday’s proceedings, Jackie revealed that the couple served her with a protection order on Thursday last week.

“According to the law, they need to give me 10 days to respond after they have legally served me, and what they did is that they served me on Thursday and today [Tuesday] there was a court case,” she told the publication.

Jackie, who the paper says was calm after proceedings, says the magistrate said “no it can’t be done like that”.

“More especially because we don’t have full information and there is still a lack of evidence.”

Jackie added that her legal team can’t counter anything just yet as the case is still under investigation.

The case was postponed to July 26 for further investigations.

Jackie told the City Press last month that she was confused by the charges that Romeo and Basetsana filed against her

“I don’t know why they would open a case because I never named anyone in all my tweets, on any social media or in interviews.

“Other people may have, I didn’t. I can’t control other people’s social media. Why don’t they open cases against the people who named them and made memes about them?”

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