1 minute read
15 Nov 2017
10:32 pm

Luc Besson to direct US detective show


French filmmaker Luc Besson is working on a pilot for a proposed police drama starring the Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin, a source at US television network ABC told AFP on Wednesday.

“The French Detective,” would be adapted from James Patterson’s novels about the Parisian detective Luc Moncrief, who moves to New York and joins the police department there to escape his dark past.

The first US television role for Dujardin, who won best actor for silent movie “The Artist” (2011), would follow Moncrief as he and his female colleague hunt the perpetrators of various complex crimes.

It would also be the first TV series directed by Besson, the French filmmaker best known among the American public for his films “Nikita,” “The Fifth Element” and “Leon: The Professional.”