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2 Apr 2014
10:40 am

Did Isidingo’s ‘Oscar-inspired’ storyline go too far?

Citizen Reporter

Questions are being asked about whether Isidingo's seemingly 'Oscar-inspired' storyline may have gone too far in the light of the ongoing trial.

Izak Davel plays Bradley Haines, seen here in a scene many have accused of being too similar to the Oscar Pistorius case.

Fans were given fair warning in the teaser leading up to  the episode which shows character Bradley Haines coming down the stairs with a gun after apparently hearing an intruder in the house. 

The character, a young, gun-obsessed athlete, then discovers to his horror that he has accidentally killed his father.

For many the similarities between this story and the ongoing Oscar Pistorius trial were a step too far.

Eureka Jaganath-Sewpersadh posted on the soapie’s facebook page: “It is highly insensitive for Isidingo to use a storyline so similar to the Oscar saga while the case is going on and while two parents are bleeding over the death of their beautiful child. Surely their writers could have been a little more sensitive. This is in such bad taste – pity Isidingo is going this route!”

Art Long CCht agreed, saying: “This storyline is pathetic and insensitive to those affected by the real life case you are copying in very bad taste, your scripts get predictable and worse every month making a fine show not worth watching. You could have at least made up something more interesting to get rid of Bradley and the imitation Charlie. Bad taste guys.”

The producers told the Cape Argus that the story was planned in October, so any similarities are coincidental.

“A story like this can also be compared to the OJ trial many years back. South Africans are sports enthusiasts and we felt that a sport-related dramatic story would be socially relevant,” said Sivan Pillay, Endemol SA’s managing director.

Oscar Pistorius is currently standing trial in the North Gauteng High Court for the murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who he has admitted to shooting on Valentine’s Day last year. He has claimed he fired the four shots into the bathroom door believing there to be an intruder, while the prosecution has argued that he knew full-well that Steenkamp was inside. 

The case is set to continue on Monday.

Do you think Isidingo went too far?