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6 Apr 2017
11:57 am

WATCH: Is this the most awkward Date My Family episode?

Citizen reporter

The two friends have left many wondering if they were drunk or just wanted to ruin things for their friend.


In a recent episode of Mzansi Magic reality show Date My Family, the show once again manages to find weird people who leave viewers in disbelief.

This time it was the potential date’s friends who ruined everything for her by asking the most bizarre questions. In a video that is circulating on social media, the two friends ask the guy some really personal questions, who somehow manages to answer them calmly.

The friends ask the poor guy if he has had sex with all the women he has dated, further asking if he used protection while at it. The bachelor, obviously shocked with the answer, just looks at them, and later comments that though the questions were good, they were too personal. “Are you guys drunk?” He asks them at some point.

It gets worse after the guy asks the two ladies what their friend’s aspirations are in life.

Watch the video below to see how badly his ‘crickets’ joke just fly over their heads:

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