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20 Feb 2017
1:19 pm

‘Uzalo’ this week: MaNzuza can’t get Advocate Zulu out of her mind

Citizen reporter

This is what to expect on 'Uzalo' this week.

Monday February 20

MaNgcobo asks DK for help, she has a solid plan to get out of the mental asylum. Ayanda pulls a stunt that leaves Smangele heartbroken and many shocked to the core. Mxolisi drops a bombshell that has MaNzuza spooked.

Tuesday February 21

A hurt Ayanda does the unthinkable. Everyone is shocked to hear why Ayanda did what he did. MaNgcobo gets ready to put her plan in motion. Smangele runs out of church. Patjutju shows MaNgcobo the bag of money. MaNzuza begs Mxolisi not to leave now. Smangele tells Ayanda that even she’s not the mother of the

Wednesday February 22

Mastermind asks DK to find out who is Smangele’s baby-daddy. MaMlambo warns MaNzuza against getting involved with Advocate Zulu. A stranger comes to Town and immediately wins the hearts and minds of KwaMashu, especially GC’s.

Thursday February 23

KwaMashu is still buzzing from last night’s Nkunzi (played by Masoja Msiza) launch party, with everyone taking a liking to Nkunzi, except Mastermind. Mangcobo is quickly reminded of how foolish she was for trusting a mentally ill patient to help her escape. MaNzuza can’t get Advocate Zulu out of her mind and her knees go weak when he knocks at her door.

Friday February 24

Nkunzi refuses to take no for an answer when it comes to the Xulu house, and is willing to use whatever means necessary. MaNzuza and Advocate Zulu are infatuated by each other. Mxolisi attempts to make peace with the choir.