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20 Feb 2017
10:02 am

‘Scandal’ this week: Dintle and Quinton receive life-changing information

Citizen reporter

Watch 'Scandal' this week as the drama unfolds.

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Monday February 20

Mangi has a terrible suspicion which prompts him to take extreme action. Ndumiso is faced with the reality of having to keep all his balls in the air. Mary refuses to take Lindiwe’s place.

Tuesday February 21

Dintle is confronted with proof which she knows she will be unable to refute. Ndumiso finds himself battling with both his personal and professional lives. Mary makes a surprising decision.

Wednesday February 22

Dintle and Quinton both receive information which will change their lives for good. Ndumiso fears that a social occasion will be a complete nightmare. Phumla is extremely surprised by two decisions of Mary’s.

Thursday February 23

Mangi and Dintle are both determined to improve their individual financial situations. Gontse is blissfully unaware of the awkward undercurrents at a place of recreation. Phumla proves her belief in her daughter with a surprising offer.

Friday February 24

Mangi starts to fear that he may have been duped and Quinton gets confirmation of a life changing matter. Gontse’s happiness is challenged when she realises she was lied to. Mary is turned into a completely different person.