Exceptional workplaces are defining a new age for office work

There are a number of legendary workplaces worldwide: places where people can eat, play, get a haircut, do their banking, shop, enjoy magnificent views – and even sleep!

Places of work in contemporary society are no longer purely functional. Gone are the days of stone-cold efficiency. New thinking has resulted in progressive practices that have given rise to spaces that are occupant-centric. These are no longer 9-to-5 environments – instead, they have become home bases for a new generation of workers who want more out of life.

Spaces are now designed to facilitate purposeful office interactions between workers and to encourage healthy practices such as regular handwashing in well-designed and functional restrooms. Rather than offering the bare minimum, employers are striving to create more interactive areas that stimulate communication and co-operation and encourage positive outcomes.

Here are just two examples of offices that rank among the world’s finest – and that have become blueprints of best practice.

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

Those who work in large buildings know all too well the effect of white noise and lack of sufficient ventilation. These factors can make a single day feel longer than a week! But a building like Salesforce Tower stands out as a shining example of architecture that facilitates optimal productivity and job satisfaction. The layout is a prime example of the mastery of functional design.

Among other innovative features, the building sports one of the largest blackwater recycling systems in a commercial high-rise. Blackwater recycling means taking used water from washbasins, toilets, sinks and the like and resupplies it to the building for non-potable uses like the irrigation of plants or for use in certain hygiene systems. The technology is part of a large-scale, worldwide move towards more sustainable washroom solutions.

Google’s US Headquarters, California

 Known simply as Googleplex, this workspace is famous for its forward-thinking design and amenities in support of efficiency. In fact, the design is so appealing that employees prefer to stay at work for longer – and, as a result, they get more done!

The campus is famed for its bikes, slides, free food and lawn games, and the user experience even extends right into the washrooms. The restrooms are kitted out with smart toilets that, among other things, have 14 settings for just about any eventuality.

The whimsical nature of the architecture is part of its charm. So, it’s no wonder a spot at Googleplex is synonymous with one of the most coveted careers in the world.

The one thing that all exceptional modern structures have in common is that exceptional washrooms are always an inherent feature. Therefore, Kimberly Clark Professional has, over many years, partnered with businesses to keep evolving this crucial hygiene feature – to help make workspaces safer, healthier and, ultimately, more joyful places. To get hold of Exceptional washroom products such as SCOTT® CONTROL Foam and KLEENEX® PREMIER Folded Hand Towels, get in touch with us.

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