Dis-Chem healthy living

Check out the Dis-Chem Your Lifestyle (Health Resolutions) Supplement which launches next week. Filled with content to help you reach your lifestyle goals in 2016, the Your Lifestyle (Health Resolutions) Supplement will help you become a guru in healthy lifestyle choices.

This season’s Your Lifestyle (Health Resolutions) focuses on Kabelo Mabalane’s journey to running. How did the former Kwaito star change his life and go from booze and drugs to happy, healthy living?

Furthermore, coconuts are all the range, from coconut oil for our hair and skin to drinking coconut water…why is everyone going so nutty over coconuts.

Are you ready to test yourself? From HIV testing to breast cancer examinations, we give you the lowdown on which important body tests you need to have done. Stop putting it off.

Lastly, the Dis-Chem Your Lifestyle (Health Resolutions) Supplement also focuses on getting you in tip-top shape for 2016; but forget the gym, we offer you some alternatives. This year, you will jump, skip and sup your way to a better you. Click here for mini site






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