Taming those tresses

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Summer holidays mean days on the beach, warm nights and frizzy curls.

But if you live in Johannesburg and have curly hair, you will face two issues:

1. The dry air
2. Those gorgeous Jozi thunderstorms

As someone who has lived with curly hair since I was a kid (thanks, Mum) I have seen it all. Frizzy, dry, wet hair going home before I do (this is a term I use when my hair goes curly after a burst of rain, after spending an entire afternoon getting it straight and am away from home). So I decided I am officially giving up this summer and letting my tresses roam free without trying to tame them – most of the time anyway.

After researching and trying some rather funky smelling home-made concoctions on my locks – egg and mayo anyone? – I have found some remedies that really work.

Frizz No More Instant Curls Revitalising Spray. Picture: Supplied

Frizz No More Instant Curls Revitalising Spray. Picture: Supplied

So how do you get the curls without the kink?

1. Treat, treat, treat

Depending on the type of curl you have, treat your hair accordingly. Generally people with curly hair tend to have dry hair that needs to be treated. I have been using ORS Coconut Oil (available at major retailers).

It smells good enough to eat. Since curls need to be maintained a lot more, I suggest applying this to your hair the night before you wash it, wrap your head in a scarf and let it soak through the night. The oil will help stimulate the roots, treat the scalp and will sort out those split ends.

2. Avoid too much shampoo

Sounds ridiculous, right? But using too much shampoo will dry your hair out even further. If you have curls, try and use more conditioner over shampoo to keep hair moisturised.

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

3. Don’t towel dry too much

Again, you want to keep moisture in. Some girls with curls swear by using an old T-shirt to dry their hair. Once you have dried your hair, use a serum or leave-in conditioner to help moisturise hair and use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots, starting with the bottom of the hair, working your way to the roots.

4. Don’t be afraid to diffuse

That weird contraption with the blunt spikes is known as a diffuser. Use this when drying your hair, instead of the normal blow-dry nozzle. The diffuser is used to cover a larger area of the head and ensures that airflow is evenly distributed.

This means the wave in your hair stays firmly in its place.

5. Don’t overdo the products

When it comes to using products, don’t go overboard. Serums, oils, mousses and sprays are all calling our curly heads towards them at the pharmacy. Rather use an entire range
and stick to it for at least two months. Don’t try to mix and match. It will send your tresses into a frenzy.

Love Curl Cream. Picture: Supplied

Love Curl Cream. Picture: Supplied

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