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23 Jun 2021
12:33 pm

IN PICS: Nine times Enhle Mbali’s fashion choices dazzled

Thami Kwazi

Actress and entrepreneur Enhle Mbali Mloshwa has made an amazing transformation into the ultimate designer muse.

Enhle Mbali's style has evolved. Picture: Instagram

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa’s fashion choices of late have the fashion gods sitting up and taking notice.

She has stepped it up a notch with her latest looks and working with local designers has really pushed her style over the edge.

From playing a lead role on Mzansi series The Herd to her latest edgy role on television series Mzansi Rockville, Enhle, the actress and businesswoman has transformed herself into the ideal designer muse.

Having worked with the likes of Quiteria & George who later split, currently the designer goes by only Quiteria who is credited with the creation of Beyonce’s gown at the Global Citizen Concert in 2019.

The designer was awarded best designer collection at the weekend by Fashion Community Week in San Francisco, US for her label, Essie Apparel.

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A story on the brand was also featured internationally in Vogue Italia.


Recently Enhle graced the cover of South African women’s magazine True Love draped in a bouquet on the cover and edgier shots in the centre spread.

The Rockville actress has a quick chat with The Citizen about her fashion and influences.

Q: What is your style influence?

My style is a complete contradiction of current trends. I always have the delicate with the grudge and I mix that and something special comes out.

Q: You recently did a magazine cover, what was the inspiration behind the styling?

I spoke to the stylist for that and on the day of the shoot we managed to put together beautiful looks of who I am.

Q: What do you hope comes through with your style?

Personality, style and alter ego, visually that all comes through.

Q: Your latest shoot you’re dressed in flowers, what was the inspiration behind this?

A: The concept is a rose that grew from the concrete because that’s how I  grew up. It’s a  visual description of my life.


Here are a few of Enhle’s fashion choices:

Golden Goddess

Designer Doll

Teal tones

YES Mam!


Cosy Coats

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Playful ponies

All that Attitude