Lerato Maimela
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21 Jun 2021
1:48 pm

AKA shares last picture he took of Anele

Lerato Maimela

Rapper pays tribute to fiancée's passing by leaving a heartfelt message for her and her father on his Instagram page on Father's Day.

Rapper AKA. Picture: Instagram

Kiernan Forbes, better known as rapper AKA, took to social media on Father’s Day to leave a tribute to his late fiancée, beginning the posts caption with: “Father’s Day was very difficult for me.”

AKA used the last picture he ever took of Anele before her passing to remember her on Father’s Day. In the Instagram post, he empathises with Anele’s father as a father, and speaks about the pain Anele’s father must be going through, because he has lost his child.

“Fathers Day was very difficult for me. Difficult because as much as I have lost you, as a father I cannot even imagine what it feels like to lose a child, especially someone as amazing as you. This is the last picture I took of you, and this is how I choose to remember you. I pray for your family every single day, as I do for mine. We miss you so much Anele. So so much. Everything reminds me of you,” said the father of one.


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The rapper posted a teaser on his IG story a few weeks ago of his new song titled Tears Run Dry, which gave his followers the impression the the song was about  Anele, who jumped from the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town resulting in her death.

Since the death of the 22-year-old Anele, AKA has been embroiled in allegations around her death and has been accused of being violent in their relationship.

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Videos have emerged of the South African Music Award winner smashing through a door which he addressed in a tell all interview with Thembekile Mrototo on YouTube.

In the interview, he addressed his complicated relationship with Anele, and the events which led up to her tragic passing.

The rapper told Thembekile that he and Anele were having a rather difficult week, and arguments arouse at every chance. He further explained that they took some time to sit down and talk about their issues, but then things took a hectic turn and his fiancée threatened to kill herself.

When asked what issues the couple was discussing in their last heated sit down, AKA explained that he did not want to bring them up and talk about them, but described his relationship with Anele as “tumultuous”.

“It was like any other relationship in which there were problems and insecurities.”