Karabo Mokoena
1 minute read
1 Jun 2021
9:37 am

Cassper Nyovest’s son gets his first haircut and it’s adorable

Karabo Mokoena

The apple truly does not fall far from the tree as Cassper Nyovest shares pictures of his son’s first haircut.

Cassper Nyovest gave his son Khotso a haircut, adding his touch to it. Picture: Instagram @casspernyovest

Refiloe Phoolo, known as Cassper Nyovest, took on his fatherly duty and cut son Khotso Izwe Simba Phoolo’s hair.

Cassper left a patch of hair at the back of Khotso’s hair, harking back to his 2015 days. In 2015, Cassper inspired a generation of boys into braiding a patch of hair at the back of their heads. He made this look so good, even creating a dance move for it.

“He is my son, I can do whatever I want,” Cassper says.

The boy earned one of his names, Simba, due to his father calling himself Mufasa.

It is clear that he is a mini version of his dad, so Cassper’s fans are yet to see a lot more “mini-me” content from this first-time father.

In one picture shared by Khotso’s mother, Thobeka Majozi, Khotso was wearing a big family tree gold chain around his neck and a gold ring. The picture was captioned: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


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Thobeka did not have a say in the styling of Khotso’s first haircut. In the picture Nyovest shared he said: “Omg. When? How? I’m never leaving you alone with my son.”

Followers are waiting, crossing fingers that Khotso can dance so that he can re-create some of his father’s classic dance move. Looks like their followers are in for a very fun ride.