Lerato Maimela
2 minute read
18 May 2021
2:40 pm

Even Steve Harvey is sick and tired of Eskom

Lerato Maimela

'They also have the lights on in Rwanda, but we can't have that in SA? I'm very disappointed'.

American television presenter and host Steve Harvey has expressed his distaste at Eskom’s load shedding once again in a letter he read in a recent interview.

In the interview with South African journalist Devi Govender, the television presenter delivered an open letter to Eskom about load shedding.

Steve said he had been considering purchasing a home in South Africa, but the idea of living in a country that is constantly dealing with load shedding put him off.



The letter reads: “Dear Eskom, I’d love to purchase a house here – but I want to be able to walk in and have the lights on. In a continent with the most natural resources in the world, why can’t we have the lights on all the time?”

Harvey continues by by noting other countries in Africa do not face the load shedding challenges that South Africans face.

“They’re on in Ghana and Nigeria and Botswana. They also have the lights on in Rwanda, but we can’t have that in SA? I’m very disappointed,” the quiz show host said.

Harvey’s first understanding of load shedding was in an episode of Family Feud when the show’s host asked “name a reason you would light a candle?” to the competing families.

“Load shedding” was one of the answers given and the quiz show host was gobsmacked when he came to learn of what load shedding actually is.