Thami Kwazi
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6 May 2021
4:44 pm

Is it a sandal? Is it a boot? What’s up with these furry shoes?

Thami Kwazi

The unusual furry sandals have gone viral with people asking where to wear them.

Prehistoric sandal trend? Picture: Facebook

What do you get when you combine a Birkenstock sandal and a prehistoric sense of fashion? The furriest sandal you’ve ever seen.

Winter comes with surprises and fashion retailer Woolworths has introduced a hairy trend that has caught the attention of the Knysna fashion  market.

In a hilarious post about the shoes on her page, Evelyn Pepler from Knysna posted the shoes she’d seen, writing: “ This is the real deal! @woolworths in Knysna – where cutting-edge fashion and prehistoric fashion has collided.

“I ask the universe: was this an order that was placed by head office and when it arrived they realised it was a complete mistake and they thought “Ya well no fine…” perfect place to sell these is in Knysna & Sedgefield cause we have forest fairies, hippies, here ?? Or

“Oh, my word these are to die for! this is perfect for our Knysna Kugels – best when paired with the latest faux animal print designer ware…?”

She even added tips on how they could be potentially styled: “Nooit man these are perfect for those crazy mid-season early winter days in Knysna when the temp starts off freezing then becomes farking hot then freezing again?  OR

“The essential missing piece of a fancy dress caveman/woman outfit (obviously we all have one hanging in our dress-up closet)- ready to wear in case anyone throws a Neanderthal themed party – ?”.

Along with grooming tips that potential wearers could implement she said: “Complete this look by growing your toenails and let them overhang the front of the shoes – ☆☆ Pro tip- extra long nails bonus gives you extra grip if you want to run while wearing these freakin awesome shoes!

“Either way, this is the latest must have- wardrobe Essential! Now rush out and get yours before they are all snapped up.”

Absolutely brilliant commentary Evelyn Pepler !! Just had to share ????

Posted by Alison Ann Pichler on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Additional comments from followers flooded in with some saying they would wear the shoes while others saying a market for people with big toes might be just right.

In a fashion sense, the sandals could be paired with the current trend of faux fur coats or bucket hats seen trending on the urban streets of Johannesburg and sold at stores like Mr Price, Superbalist and online.

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Although the furry slides seem to only be exclusive to one retailer, the trend may catch on.