Reitumetse Makwea
Digital Intern
1 minute read
6 May 2021
1:17 pm

Twitter reacts to 25-year-old nonuplets Mali mom

Reitumetse Makwea

Cases of women successfully carrying septuplets to term are rare and nonuplets are unheard of.

Ultrasound examinations conducted in both Mali and Morocco had suggested that Cisse was carrying seven babies.

A 25 year-old Malian woman has given birth to nine babies (nonuplets), two more than doctors had detected during her ultrasound check-ups.

Halima Cisse, who comes from Mali was flown to Morocco for better medical supervision ahead of giving birth where a medical team of 10 doctors assisted by 25 paramedics were mobilised for the deliveryof the five baby girls and four boys.

According to a medical director of the Ain Borja clinic in the city of Casablanca, Professor Youssef Alaoui, such a case of multiple births is “extremely rare, it’s exceptional”.

The verified world record for the most living births is eight, born to American woman Nadya Suleman, nicknamed “Octomum” in 2009 when she was 33.

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Her premature babies, weighing only between 500 grams and one kilogram will be looked after “for two to three months” in incubators, Alaoui said.

While some tweeps were shocked and fascinated by the birth, some couldn’t help but think about taking care of the nine babies every day and suggested the young woman would need a lot of help.

Additional reporting from AFP