Karabo Mokoena
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4 May 2021
4:38 pm

What SA moms actually want this Mother’s Day

Karabo Mokoena

Sometimes it is hard planning for a memorable Mother's Day when you are just not sure what mom would prefer.

This is what moms would rather do on Mother's Day. Picture: iStock

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling journeys women can go through.

It’s equally one of the most taxing, but moms would not have it any other way. The motherhood experience might be similar for many, but it’s also different. Therefore, moms celebrate themselves in different ways as well on Mother’s Day.

We asked South African moms what they would prefer to do on Mother’s Day and this is what they said.


This was on top of the list for so many moms, that others even typed it out seven times in a single comment. According to Netflix’s Guide to Sleep, a human needs between seven and nine hours of sleep, with eight hours being the average. The average new mom lives on five or six hours, if she’s lucky.

This is why a day to sleep in without being concerned about a dirty house and people’s stomachs is the perfect way to bask in motherhood. Petro Beal says: “I’m pregnant and have a three-year-old. I’d take sleep and food that I didn’t need to cook any day.”

Netflix and chill

You are not the only mom who can never sit restfully on the couch and finish your series. It has been proven (by moms) that kids do not like seeing their parents comfortable. It is in their genes to demand your attention the moment you find a minute to yourself. So, moms who have been dying to finish two seasons of New Amsterdam can finally do this on Mother’s Day.

Spa day

“Sleep during spa day” was an option for mom Fungai Madondo. Fungai is sure trying to get the best of both worlds. Esme Ethel prefers a spa day alone, but without her phone. She does not want to feel the obligation of checking to see if everyone ate and is happy.

Phones have a way of tempting you to pick them up for no reason and then there is a reason once you’ve picked it up. A tranquil day at the spa alone or with your favourite people is one of the best ways to spend Mother’s Day. For moms like Boipelo Seleka who have never had a spa day, this would be heavenly.

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A usual mom day with breakfast in bed

For moms whose household might not survive in their absence, breakfast in bed and a surprise gift work just fine. “It’s Mother’s Day after all,” says mom Amarinthea Moonsamy. A lot of moms chose this option, with Natalie Lawson adding that she does not need a gift.

The gift of motherhood is enough for her and the hugs and kisses they will receive on that day suffices. For other moms, the kiddies planning a surprise gift is the very sentiment that they need to feel extra special on Mother’s Day. Gauteng mom Ashura Aboo tried the alone time thing and it never worked out for her, so she wants to spend Mother’s Day with her little ones.

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This was an unusual one to be added to the list but one many moms would be happy to see on this list. A surprise eWallet or EFT could solve all the potential Mother’s Day problems of not planning enough or getting the “wrong” thing. The money, however, needs to be accompanied with time to spend money.

Moms can take themselves out on a date and buy themselves a gift, or go out with the girls and paint the town red. All of these ideas require money, so be sure to send some money this Mother’s Day.

Alone time

Carletonville mom Liezl Bredenkamp just needs some alone time this Mother’s Day. The load of motherhood can weigh heavy on many. The need to always think on behalf of other people is the gift and burden of motherhood.

No one can do it like moms, but nothing tires them out like wearing so many hats at once. Alone time sounds too simple, but it can mean the world to a mom this Mother’s Day. They can then decide what to do with their time when they don’t have to be doing stuff for other people.