Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
2 minute read
23 Apr 2021
4:45 pm

H&M rents out suits for free, but not in South Africa

Thami Kwazi

The fashion retailer has launched an initiative to help people prepare for job interviews cheaper.

Dress for success. Picture: iStock

Clothing retailer H&M has announced internationally that customers will be able to borrow suits for free if they have a job interview. Sounds good, but sadly this won’t be in South Africa.

According to, the initiative has been developed to help anyone in the UK or the US who needs a suit for a prospective job interview or formal event.

For hire by its division ONE/SECOND/SUIT, customers will be permitted to “borrow” the suit for hire for 24 hours and not pay, with the promise that it will return on time the following day.

Minor damage will not be charged for but major damage will be charged at full price.

This was all developed by the brand because it says it wants to give customers one less thing to worry about.

On its website, H&M says: “A suit isn’t an outfit. It’s confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself you’ve got what it takes.”

The project even aims to help people with interview tips by offering them video techniques .

H&M is offering the suits for 24 hours free of charge for people who have a job interview.

Commenting on whether the suit loans will take place in Mzansi. Conrad Roselt, press and communications officer for H&M South Africa, said the offer was only available in the UK and US.

ONE/SECOND/SUIT is a 24-hour free suit hire for your job interview, from H&M. This pilot program runs for three months starting April 15th in the UK and May 13th in the US”.

After 24 hours, customers must  return the suit to one of H&M’s dry cleaning partners in a prepaid return bag, who will then dry clean it for the next person to borrow.