Lerato Maimela
2 minute read
15 Apr 2021
9:18 am

Micro weddings are now a thing, here’s what to know

Lerato Maimela

The success of a marriage is not directly linked to the wedding’s price tag and fun on the day is not related to the opulence.

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If you are a young couple looking for an affordable, intimate, stylish and zero fuss wedding, We Do, Weddings is the perfect event planner for your celebration.

Officially launched  in August last year, the business or idea of the business rather was founded years ago at the founder, Anna Granig’s own wedding. Her big day was delayed indefinitely when her fiancé fell ill. This gave the couple the opportunity to rethink their wedding plans and change the ways in which they were planning to tie the knot.

“The success of a marriage is not directly linked to the wedding’s price tag and the fun on the day is not related to the opulence,” says Granig.

Anna and her fiancé opted out of a big and elaborate celebration and went “big on flowers and small on numbers”.

“All of the people who attended our wedding loved it and raised the question why more people don’t do smaller weddings,” says Anna.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Anna noticed how couples were eager to tie the knot in any manner or at any place, because all they wanted to do was make their union official.

“I noticed how many couples were going ahead with their weddings in whatever way they could. Some couples just wanted to tie the knot and seal the union. There were doctors saying their vows in hospital corridors, girls getting married in jeans and a veil. In all the instances I saw, the joy and the love was no less because it was non-traditional.”

That was when We Do, Weddings began. Anna wanted to provide her services to couples who have avoided marriage or been hesitant to hold a wedding ceremony that does not resonate with them. She also wanted to provide her services to people who wanted to have an amazing day, but were not willing to spend a fortune on the ceremony.

The end-to-end wedding service offers the following:

  • A get to know you meeting
  • Polly’s quirky presence
  • Venue hire
  • Personalised ceremony design
  • Marriage officer – religious or secular
  • Legal paperwork and filing
  • Photographer
  • A statement vase of flowers
  • Bridal bouquet and floral cake topper
  • Seating area for four, décor and styling
  • Bubbles and cake
  • Sound system and music
  • Delivery, set up and clean up

The package has an option of four colour palettes, six unique venues to choose from and an array of enhancements. Anna’s creative arts, teaching, events, marketing, interior design and styling background makes her the perfect person to trust to provide an amazing wedding which is pocket friendly and suits your exact wedding needs.