Hayden Horner
1 minute read
31 Aug 2020
3:05 pm

Prince Kaybee bombarded with nudes from thirsty fans

Hayden Horner

The singer’s followers are more curious about how many and whether he is willing to share the images.

Prince Kaybee. Photo: Supplied

Prince Kaybee says fans are coming at him on social media with nude images almost daily.

His recent post on Twitter suggests that the barrage of bare body parts began shortly after the release of his smash hit Charlotte featuring Lady Zamar.

“Lol I remember when I released Charlotte that’s when my DM’s started popping. Lol, it was hectic,” he wrote on his social media page.

The musician’s post piqued the curiosity of his followers and they started asking a bunch questions about how often and whether he wanted to share the images.

“How many nudes do you get a day?” asked Niki Trump, while Mfundo Kunene asked Kaybee to “Please share razo …”

Prince Kaybee would not be drawn into giving numbers because, as he keeps reminding everyone, he’s happily in love with Zola Mhlongo.

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