Did AKA just throw shade at Boity for calling men ‘unemployed roaches’?

Rapper AKA. Photo: Instagram @akaworldwide

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker weighed in on all the drama and encouraged people to keep at it.

Twitter users are convinced that AKA has just dissed Boity Thulo after she called South African men “roaches” yesterday.

Boity came out in support of Mihlali who said that men need to stop policing women’s bodies after she was called a “whore” for going on many dates.

The Ba Kae hitmaker responded to the influencer’s video by asserting: “They DGAF. Don’t let the roaches bring you down to their level.”

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One Twitter user was not happy with this comment and replied: “Now we roaches… says a single 30-year-old who about to be single for many more years.”

Boity was quick to put the tweep in his place and responded: “I would stay single for eternity if my options were the bottom of the barrel ass clowns like you. Imagine! lol!”

The user, who has since deleted their tweet, then insulted the media personality by saying: “It doesn’t change the fact that you are masculine and no one wants a woman like that and now you bitter because no man wants you.

But not before Boity saw it first and countered with this clap back: “Just because the men that raised you are insecure bitches, I understand why you’d think I’m masculine. But thank you for the compliment.”

This morning, AKA weighed in on all the drama and told the “unemployed roaches” to keep at it.

“Good morning brothers and sister. Being unemployed does not make you a ‘roach’, especially in these difficult times. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Believe in God and yourself. Today is your day! Let’s goooo!”

However, Boity doesn’t seem to be fazed at all by all the backlash she has received and nonchalantly tweeted: “Oh I’m still trending?! I think it’s cute that y’all still talking about me so early in the morning. I’m driving y’all nuts. Askies.”

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