Mihlali Ndamase will not allow men to police her body or dating life

Mihlali Ndamase. Photo: Twitter/@mihlalii_n

The well-known beauty content creator called out men for trying to judge her dating lifestyle.

Mihlali Ndamase is not going to let men call her isifebe “whore” and get away with it.

The social media content creator let her feelings known to men who judge her dating lifestyle. She revealed that a man commented on her video saying she was encouraging a “promiscuous” lifestyle for young women.

The popular beauty content creator posted a video on her YouTube channel that was a transparent and personal account of her being a single woman and the dates she has been on.

“Basically what I am saying you could be having dinners with someone else, dinners with someone else the following week. It has nothing to do with sexual relations, it’s just being single and mingling. Socialising, especially if you are someone who is getting to know people, meeting new people… Men need to stop policing women’s bodies and what they do, it has nothing to do with you.”

Many female tweeps were quick to defend Mihlali saying that men need to stop judging women’s dating lives and then trying to justify the violent treatment women got.

Comedian Lesego Tlhabi popular known as the satirist Coconut Kelz weighed in too.

“A word: Men don’t like women who are enthusiastic about sex. They like having to coerce it or force it out of us. Anything else and we’re hoes. They want us to be freaks but also virgins. It’s gross and we need to stop giving them air time on our bodies and lives.”

Mihlali said what she said.

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