Hayden Horner
1 minute read
11 Aug 2020
11:45 am

KING OF BRAG: Prince Kaybee shows off his cars

Hayden Horner

The DJ also tried to get one Twitter user to sell him his vintage Mercedes Benz.

Prince Kaybee. Photo: Supplied

Local DJ Prince Kaybee is known for his love of Mercedes Benz and when it comes to showing off his car collection, the Prince becomes the King of brag.

He recently took to social media to boast about how his cars are paid for in cash and without financial aid from any of the banks.

Kaybee, who usually trends for epic spats on social media, said he was avoiding directly joining the ‘men with Mercedes Benz’ hashtag.

Even with his collection of vintage Mercs, the DJ made an effort to convince one car enthusiast to sell him his car.

It’s often said that the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys. One has to wonder.

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