‘R2k means nothing to me,’ AKA denounces artist’s relief fund

Rapper Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. Image: Instagram screenshot

AKA says the offered relief fund is nowhere near being enough.

Rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes is not impressed with the artist Covid-19 relief fund offered by government.

Responding to a follower who asked if he was pleased with what Minister of Arts, Sports and Culture Nathi Mthetwa department is doing to aid artists during this tough time, the outspoken artist did not mince words.

“What the f*** am I gonna do with R2,200 a month?”

Some people challenged him, saying people receiving the R350 social grant were able to survive with that money, he should be grateful.

“Those queuing for R350 are not employing the amount of people that I am. I have people who DEPEND on me for INCOME who have FAMILIES.”

He then said he hadn’t received any relief from the government because he didn’t qualify.

As the pressure increased from people saying AKA was speaking from an entitled and privileged view, he hit back.

“When I donated R100,000 to the students y’all had a lot to say about it. Now you wanna come tell me about R350? Stop it.”

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He added that the R2,200 was far from being even enough.

“Yes but I am not retrenched and I am not unemployed. I AM trying to NOT retrench people and I am SELF EMPLOYED. You guys are not going to force me to be grateful for 2k from the government. IT. DOES. NOT. MEAN. SHIT. TO. ME. Okay? Next. Not close to being enough.”

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