Hayden Horner
2 minute read
22 Jul 2020
3:50 pm

Kid blasts almost R330,000 of his mom’s life savings on interactive games

Hayden Horner

Parents beware: the cost of gaming is high

Although convenient for parents, gaming presents huge risks.

Video games are not a novel concept and date as far back as 1960.

However, with the evolution of tech and market buy-in, electronic gaming has moved from desktops to smartphones and all manner of digital devices.

While most parents see virtual gaming a means to keep their kids entertained while mom and dad to get on with their responsibilities, it can come at a huge expense – as one mom found out.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Dot Esports that her teen son had spent her entire life in savings on a popular interactive gaming platform.

And the brat did it in the short space of just two weeks.

Parents are paying the price for their kids’ addiction to interactive gaming.

“When I saw the bank balances were almost gone, my lips started to tingle and I had to put my head down so I wouldn’t pass out. I cried at first. I didn’t believe he could’ve done this.”

This is just one incident of the risks that lie with allowing our kids carte blanch with digital devices.

With global gaming participation on the rise, so too are the dangers that participants face.

Top threats parents should know to keep their kids safe:

  1. Malware and viruses: Aimbots that kids download so they can cheat and win are packed with malware or personal info-stealing Trojans.
  2. Bullying and harassment: Studies reveal that 65% of online gaming players have been harassed. This does not bode well for underage gamers.
  3. Phishing Scams: There are an estimated 1 billion gamers of all ages actively spending money not just on games, but in games. And where there’s money, you’re going to find scammers.

REMEMBER: For parents and guardians to keep their children safe, it’s important to not only educate them about online gaming risks but also to educate yourself as well.

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