Betrayed: Friend sells Lasizwe’s personal info to media

Jessica Nkosi and Lasizwe at the E! Africa party | Image: Instagram/ @jessicankosi by @saucenberg

The YouTuber and reality show star feels like he’s been punched in the gut.

Local social media comedy sensation and reality star Lasizwe (real name Thulasizwe Dambuza), has found out that wolves come dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Known for his hilarious sense of humour and seeing the funny side of situations, the celeb is not laughing about a “friend” who’s been selling his personal information to the media.

In a post on his Twitter fan page, Dambuza said: “Just found out that one of the people in my close circle is busy disclosing information I shared to him in confidence to the media.”


Expressing their disgust and disbelief, fans have called for the celeb to name and shame the offender and kick his or her butt to the curb.


Others were not as supportive and reminded Dambuza that because of his celebrity status, he will never really have true and loyal friends.

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