WTF!? Woman tosses 8-month-old baby in pool and it goes viral

‘Throw my baby in like that and I’ll drown u,’ says an unhappy Twitter user.

A woman from Colorado Springs in the USA has Twitter and TikTok users in a frenzy after she recently threw an 8-month-old baby into a swimming pool.

The crazy part is that the baby’s mom, 27-year-old Krysta Meyer, filmed the whole episode and then posted it online.

Meyer, who only started her TikTok account in February usually snagged about a couple thousand views on her videos before this one. But just three days after she posted this video, she has literally broken the internet with more than 51 million views on TikTok and another 20 million on Twitter.

Responses to the video have been a mixed bag of emotions with some viewers joking about it and others expressing alarm for baby Oliver.

“Excuse me but what the f***? asked @JackKennedy, while @paullids1980 said: “Throw my baby in like that and I’ll drown u.”

Meyer says she’s even gotten death threats and messages from people telling her she’s the worst kind of mom, she’s endangering her children and that she’s traumatising them.




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