Parenty staff writer
1 minute read
23 Jun 2020
10:34 am

Zenande Mfenyana gets social media talking about being body-shamed during pregnancy

Parenty staff writer

When other women laugh at being called fat during pregnancy, Zenande finds it offensive.


Comments were made regarding the size of her nose and her dark neck.

Zenande clapped back at followers that were mocking her, asking them: “Why are you following me?”

One of her mom followers messaged her privately to share that she relates with her story and that she just laughed it off when people mocked her. Her response had Twitter talking.

She has since shared Instagram stories regarding being shamed by other women. She has also received love from a lot of women who could relate to what she is going through. One mom woman shared: “Just read your stories about the cyberbullies! So I wanted to just take a moment and reassure you, mommy. You’re doing great. You’re absolutely beautiful. Even with all the changes, I see a strong woman putting herself aside to bring this precious cargo in this world.”

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