Right wing dating app helps racists find love



Trump fans in the US are feeling increasingly isolated, leading to the development of a new app to help them date one another.

In an increasingly fanatical world, where a political opinion on social media can earn you the ire of everyone who believes differently to you, finding a partner has become trickier than ever. This, it seems, is the reasoning behind a new app designed to help right-wing conservatives find love.

Advertised with the slogan: “Of course he paid, he’s a conservative”, “Righter” is an app designed for Trump supporters, racists, and sexists to find love while being unafraid of being judged for their political views.

Developed by professional matchmaker Christy Edwards the app is described as being a “godsend” for Trump’s fanatical, but dwindling fan base.

“What conservative in our country right now isn’t a target?” Edwards said. “We are mocked, we are treated horribly.”

Speech pathologist Elaina Marrujo, who is a user on the app, was quoted as saying she was tired of experiencing rejection after rejection on other dating sites for her beliefs.

“You get in a great conversation and maybe you’re interested and all of the sudden the floor pulls out from under you,” she said of when she would tell prospective matches of her support for Trump. “‘Oh never mind sorry.'”

(Compiled by Warren Robertson)

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