4. Make sure you cover all of the bases

Just because you’re doing a running programme doesn’t mean you only need to run. Remember that real fitness is having a body prepared for all sorts of things.

A stronger body runs better, and a strong set of lungs lifts better. Try to cover the strength and fitness areas in your training, even if it doesn’t seem totally necessary.

Add a weekend hike to your programme, or try a different class. Visit a Crossfit gym, or join your friends for some sort of sport.

5. Have fun

Getting fit is tough, but it yields wonderful results in both health and weight loss. And it CAN be fun if you allow yourself to see it that way.

Having fun is the one thing that will keep you coming back to the table, so you MUST find a way to enjoy yourself. Listen to great music, train with great people, and compete with them and yourself to progress.

Life’s too short to do things that don’t make you happy whenever you can, so make your fitness journey one of those things and you’ll be winning.

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