Bonang Matheba’s guide to Valentine’s Day fashion

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram

Get Valentine’s Day fashion inspiration from Bonang Matheba.

Not sure what to wear this Valentine’s Day? Get some tips from Bonang Matheba who rocks stylish red-themed outfits all year round.

South Africa’s media darling is the queen of rocking head-to-toe red.

Pulling off one colour for an outfit can be cheesy at times – especially all-red on Valentine’ Day – but Queen B is proof you can look fabulous.

The 30-year-old loves to stand out in a crowd, and nothing screams “Look at me!” louder than the colour red.

If you want all eyes on you on Valentine’s Day, then you need to check out some of Bonang’s best all-red outfits.

Edgy sophistication

Bonang paired an elegant dress with an edgy leather jacket for a sophisticated look with a touch of edginess. She completed the look with a pair of red heels, and a red Gucci bag.

You can rock this look on a breakfast or lunch date.

Bonjour, mademoiselle!

Bonang looked like she was ready to walk the streets of Paris in this all-red ensemble.

The trendy look included a beret, frayed ripped jeans, strappy heels and red sunglasses.

This look is perfect for a casual Valentine’s Day date.

Red siren

This pants-gown combo will leave your Valentine’s Day date’s jaw on the floor. It’s sexy, glamorous and comfy.

Wear this two-in-one outfit if you want to turn heads during a five-star dinner date.

Summer goddess

Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer by wearing a gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress like Bonang wore in Nigeria recently.

This flowy number would look good on women of different sizes and shapes.

Your date will be mesmerised by your bare shoulders!

The wild card

If you are not too keen to wear head-to-toe red, then this white-and-red stripped jumpsuit is just for you.

Bonang slayed this glamorous look. It’s perfect for any time of the day.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day the single way

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