5 Vaseline beauty secrets you need to know

Picture: iStock

Picture: iStock

Petroleum jelly is the perfect solution to unruly eyebrows.

Petroleum jelly is a staple in any beauty cupboard, but there’s a lot more to the humble pot than what meets the eye.

Here are five Vaseline secrets you didn’t know.

It can be used as a scrub

Mix some Vaseline and sugar granules together to make your own sugar body scrub in a flash to pamper those dry bits.

Your hands on after sun treatment

If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun, mix your Vaseline with a little orange or lemon juice and apply to your sun-blushed skin. This will help soothe the burn and draw out redness. Plus it will keep you moisturized and help reduce peeling.

Add it to your make-up bag

Petroleum jelly is the perfect solution to unruly ey brows. Use just enough to keep them in place without looking greasy.

Highlight your cheekbones

No highlighter? No problem. Use Vaseline to add shine to your cheekbones, or mix a little with your favourite lipstick to make a cream blush, for when you’re in a rush.

Use it to soothe heels and cuticles

Rub a fair amount onto your heels just before bed, and cover your feet with socks. When you wake up you’ll have perfectly soft feet. You can also use a little on your cuticles to soften them and avoid painful hangnails.

For more Vaseline tips and tricks visit www.vaseline.co.za

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