How to decorate with budget-friendly vintage finds

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It’s important to keep your space in mind when antiquing.

Decorating with vintage and second-hand décor is a great way to add interest to your home. And what’s more, unique pieces can often be picked up at a reasonable price.

Read on for clever ways to decorate using budget-friendly vintage finds.

Start small

If you’re new to the world of thrift-stores and antiquing, it’s best to start small when adding vintage pieces to your home. Visit your local second-hand store and find a piece that really stands out to you, decide where you’ll place it and give it new life in your home. From here you can start growing your collection.

Create displays to show off collections

If you have a theme or collection of items (think bottles, vases or figurines) display them together to show them off. We love displaying our favourites on open shelves and mantelpieces.

Use your finds

Ceramic and glass containers make great additions to bedrooms and bathrooms. Store anything from cotton wool to creams and use pretty trays to hold rings and other jewellery.

Mix vintage and modern

Combining vintage and modern pieces works wonderfully. The mid-century modern trend is here to stay and many big retailers sell 50’s style furniture, this means that getting the look is easier than ever.

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Don’t be afraid of bold colours and prints

More often than not, a vintage piece of furniture needs to be reupholstered. Move out of your comfort zone and choose a bold fabric to complement the piece. At the same time you’ll be adding your personal stamp to a previously loved piece.

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Repurpose stylish yet old pieces

So you’ve spotted a chandelier that fits perfectly in your space, only thing is, it’s a bland colour. Get to your nearest hardware store and grab some spray paint – you’ll never look back. Painting dreary pieces in fresh colours is an instant (and easy) update.

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Keep it clean

However tempting it might be to buy every beautiful vintage piece you see, it’s important to keep your space in mind when antiquing. Often one large vintage piece of furniture is enough to make a statement in a room. Don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with a cluttered space.

Get creative

Just about anything you find in a thrift- or second hand store can be used to decorate your home. And the best part – it’s completely unique and will definitely make a statement. Old books make great coffee table pieces while interesting ceramics and objets d’art can be beautifully displayed.

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