Citizen reporter
2 minute read
18 Dec 2017
4:10 pm

Introducing Free Lotto Fest: South Africa’s newest and biggest free online lotto-style competition

Citizen reporter

Free Lotto Fest is live and ready to make a millionaire out of you, so what are you waiting for!


Are you tired of wasting your money playing the lotto week after week and never winning a
prize? Are you sick of standing in long queues to buy your lotto tickets? Well, we’ve got exciting
news for you!

FreeLottoFest is an exciting new lotto-style game that South Africans can take part in for free to
stand a chance at winning incredible cash prizes, including at least a R12 million daily (yes, daily!) jackpot.

All players need to do is sign up for a free account, pick their lucky numbers and check the next day to see if they’ve won a prize. It really is that easy!

And you’ll get plenty of chances to play everyday. Free Lotto Fest players get to play twice daily in the 7 different lotto-style games that we offer. That’s 14 chances to win a prize, including two shots at winning the R12 million jackpot.



Too busy to log on and pick your numbers everyday? Don’t worry, we can do that for you! With our WinFest subscription service we will pick your numbers for you everyday and notify you via phone and email when you win a prize. All you need to do is sit back and wait to be notified of your winnings.

You can purchase your Winfest subscription service using all major payment methods including; debit and credit accounts, EFT and MTN Banking.

How do they do it?
1. Subscriptions
Haven’t heard of WinFest subscriptions yet? Then it’s time you did, along with hundreds of thousands of other players from around the globe! Sign up to their premium automated package and instead of having to login manually and enter each and every competition every single day, they automatically enter them for you! Not only that, you’ll also be eligible for a host of other exclusive services too, such as automatic results checking, prize claiming, and so much more!

2. Advertising Revenue
See those banner ads on their site? No, we don’t like them either however they also bring in revenue that allows FreeLottoFest to increase the size of their huge competition prizes, so look at them as a welcome addition to your playing experience!

3. Survey Revenue
It might not be advertising but it still pays the bills – and could end up paying your bills when you win a multi million competition prize! We’re talking about surveys. The third parties that conduct these surveys pay FreeLottoFest for the right to do so – and of course, every cent right is channeled straight back into their competition prizes.


Free Lotto Fest is live and ready to make a millionaire out of you, so what are you waiting for! Sign up for free and get playing Free Lotto Fest today and you could be South Africa’s newest multi-millionaire by the same time tomorrow.