Kelly to sue Sam Meyiwa for defamation, damage to reputation

Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly Khumalo.

The war of words between Khumalo and Meyiwa has reached a legal stage with the singer sending a cease and desist letter to the father of her slain boyfriend.

A lawyer’s letter was delivered to the Meyiwa household this week, ordering Meyiwa to stop defaming, humiliating and damaging Khumalo’s reputation.

“Kelly has had enough of the malicious rumours being spread about her. She is tired of being abused by Sam Meyiwa,” said Linda Moeketsi, Khumalo’s publicity manager.

According to City Press, the lawyer’s letter was delivered on Friday evening by the sheriff of the court. Sources close to Khumalo said she had had enough of Meyiwa making unsavoury comments about her to publications.

In one he said: “I don’t know how this girl was raised. She doesn’t have morals.”

Meyiwa said he would also consult his lawyers about the letter.

“Kelly has the audacity to serve me with a letter ordering me to stop mentioning her name in interviews, when I’m the one who lost a son. Whether I get arrested or killed, I would never stop mentioning people who were present when my son was killed. I’m still coming to terms with who killed my son and what Kelly is doing to me is unfair and unacceptable. In all of this she is still playing the victim,” said Meyiwa.




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