A.P. Indy had a ball – and what a ball it was

A.P. Indy had a ball – and what a ball it was

Picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A.P._Indy

The great stallion A.P. Indy, who died recently at the grand old age of 31, built his legacy on just one testicle.

Twice a US champion stallion and a massive influence on the international thoroughbred stud book, A.P. Indy was born a ridgling – what is usually referred to in South Africa as a “rig”. One of his testicles was undescended, or stuck in his abdomen, causing him discomfort when galloping. Usually, horses with this condition are gelded post haste, but because of A.P. Indy’s breeding potential it was decided to remove just the problem ball. It was a fateful decision as few, if any, racehorses have achieved what this fellow did. Very expensive yearlings have a spotty record, relatively few gaining...




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