Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
4 minute read
4 Dec 2019
3:59 pm

The sun is still rising on Japan’s racing

Mike Moon

Japan is the future of horse racing. That’s the view of many knowledgable racing people and it’s undeniable that the game has been flourishing for the past few decades in the Land of the Rising Sun – unlike everywhere else in the world.

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Huge local and international interest generated by the recent Japan Cup, the country’s principal race, and a powerful contingent heading for Hong Kong’s International Races at the weekend, have swung the spotlight east. Britain’s influential Racing Post website has sent an investigative reporter to Japan to find out what makes its racing tick. His article this week was a surprised revelation that horse grooms get a whopping 5% of race stake earnings. An international thoroughbred analyst has even suggested that Japan’s breeding industry is about to eclipse all others in the world. Sacrilege! You could hear the scoffing in England,...