How racegoers flirt with Lady Luck

How racegoers flirt with Lady Luck

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Scratch even the most serious-minded punter, trainer, owner or jockey and, just below the surface, you’ll find someone taking no chances with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Racecourses are hot-spots of superstition. Everywhere people are seeking signs, portents and omens to steer them in the direction of a winner. The earnest student of racing form, often scornful of fellow racegoers who back horses because they like the names, or dreamt the numbers, will probably be secretly wearing a “lucky hat” or making sure he doesn’t have any inauspicious R50 notes in his wallet. Even the great South African trainer of yore Terrance Millard, winner of six Durban Julys and a man who meticulously and scientifically prepared horses for the optimum run, confessed to employing a finishing touch...




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