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20 Jan 2016
7:35 am

TAB, Betting World release incorrect official result

Citizen reporter

As a gesture of goodwill to customers, TAB will add R31,686 to the Win pool on Race 5 at the next Borrowdale race meeting.

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National Horseracing Authority (NHA) judges posted the incorrect result for Race 5 at Borrowdale Racecourse last Sunday.

TAB paid out all winning bets on the race as per the official result of 1-4-3-7-5 declared by the NHA judges, but it later emerged that the judges had made a mistake and that, in fact, No 4 Print The Pounds won the race from No 1 Eurakilon.

Corporate bookmaking chain Betting World is paying out all win bets on both No 1 Eurakilon and No 4 Print The Pounds, also as a gesture of goodwill.

The NHA has completed an investigation into the result of the race and has amended the result for statistical purposes to 4-1-3-7-5.

The provisions of NHA rule 65.8 will be applied: “Should it be proved after the ALL CLEAR has been announced that there was an error in the placings declared by the judge, the result shall stand save for the fact that the error shall be corrected for statistical purposes.  Where such correction affects stake money such money shall be returned to the racing operator for re-distribution.”

The NHA said in a media release that the error was regretted and that an internal inquiry has been opened into the matter.