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5 Jun 2014
10:35 am

Jockey charged with doping

Jockey Robert Khathi was charged with three counts of contravening the rules of the National Horseracing Authority, in Cape Town on Thursday, the racing control executive said.

Picture: AFP

Khathi was in contravention of Rule 77.1; read with sub Rule 77.1.1; and Rule 77.2 read with sub Rule 77.2.11, David McGillivray said in a statement.

“Urine specimens taken from him at Kenilworth Racecourse on 15 March 2014 and Durbanville Racecourse on 2 and 9 April 2014, disclosed upon analysis the presence of Furosemide, (Lasix), which is a prohibited substance in terms of the Rules of The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa.”

Khathi pleaded guilty and was found guilty on all three counts.

The inquiry board imposed a suspension from riding in races for a period of 21 days on each of the three counts, to run concurrently, making his total suspension 21 days.

Khathi has the right of appeal against the penalty imposed.