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21 Feb 2020
3:38 pm

Kylie Jenner mom-shamed for letting Stormi get all dressed up

Parenty Staff Writer

Numerous social media users questioned Jenner's parenting after she posted a picture of her baby girl wearing personalised hoop earrings.

Kylie Jenner | Image: Instagram

Reality TV star and cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner has been mom-shamed for allowing her two-year-old baby girl, Stormi Webster get all dressed up, prompting popular television host Wendy Williams to weigh in on the matter.

Jenner, 22, shared images earlier this week of Stormi wearing hoop earrings with her name on them.

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The innocent picture soon sparked outrage from her followers who stated that this proves that Jenner, who fell pregnant at age 19, was too young to be a mother.

“It’s all fun and games until she rips her earlobes out. This is the problem with kids having kids,” commented one user, to which Williams rebuffed, “Well there are a lot of problems with kids having kids but this here isn’t one of them.”

“My opinion is, and I don’t know this for fact… Kylie probably put these earrings in for a staged photoshoot to put on her Instagram and then immediately took the earrings out,” said Williams.

“No mom is letting her kids sleep like that, we don’t even sleep like that as adults!” she added.

She then showed a clip from Jenner’s Instagram stories showing her trying to take the earrings back from Stormi.

Some commenters even switched platforms to share their feelings about Stormi’s earrings.

It wasn’t all negative however as many came to Jenner’s defence on different platforms.

“You all need to calm down on the hate comments. It’s a photo, pretty sure she didn’t leave those in her ears all day. Plus if she saw her tugging on them she would take them out of her kid’s ears. No matter how old someone is having a child you don’t hate on them. Be positive your negativity is why this world is horrible today,” stated @emwiles_makeup on Instagram.

@its_four_20 tweeted that there was nothing wrong with it at all:

Watch Wendy Williams’ thoughts on the matter below:

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